Who is a private detective and why should you hire one?


Whenever we hear the name of a private detective, the first person that crosses our mind is James Bond. Yes, we all have seen private detectives doing action, using high tech tools, analysing crucial clues and hypothesising about who can be the criminal. From all of that, the picture of a detective emerges as some super cool mastermind who can solve all the problems. But have you ever thought who is a private detective in real life?

The real life is totally different from reel life. Private detectives are as simple as any other professional person. But the difference is that they became a specialist in this field after attaining proper education and degrees. One can hire them through detective agencies. You can spot many firms who provide detective services in Delhi.

Private detective:

A private detective is someone who solves various types of cases, help in finding missing people, or simply uncover the facts and things which require analytical skills and keen observation. They use technology, devices and various surveillance techniques to reach the core of an issue and provide solutions accordingly.

The main objective of their work is to reveal evidence, analyse situations and provide the results to clients which is totally legal as they hold governmental permission to do research. Apart from this, sometimes private detective gathers information about a person, a group or an organisation according to the requirement. They work for detective firms, organisations, police department, banks and for individual clients as well.

Reasons of hiring Private detective:

Now you must be thinking about some of your personal tasks which only a private detective can accomplish. It’s ok if you are feeling hesitated about addressing your problems to a detective. To clear your doubts, we would like to tell you that these detectives investigate secretly. Nobody would know about your personal problems, or you have hired a detective to solve them.

We can’t keep an eye every time on someone we doubt.  We should avoid doing it even if we think ourselves as capable of extracting evidence by peeking into someone’s private life. It’s illegal to breach anyone’s privacy, and you could get into a serious problem if you get caught while doing so. However, a licensed private detective can accomplish such missions legally without any tension on your part. Now, let’s glance at when and why can we hire a private detective.


  1. Background check for employment:

Every employer searches for a genuine and capable employee. Be it a small company or big all of them looks for someone whom they can trust. During an interview, you can surely estimate the potential and skills of a candidate but knowing about his professional behaviour or the actual reason for leaving the last organisation is not an easy task. People also show fake degrees and certificates of experience to get the job. Candidates will surely try to form a positive image in front of the employer.

But, it’s the company’s responsibility to know the person in and out before hiring him. You can hire a personal detective to check the background and documents of every new employee, which will help you in making a good team.


  1. Court cases:

In court cases, you require adequate evidence to prove your opponent guilty. The lawyers work on collecting proofs but, sometimes they need additional help. Especially, when its a divorce and your child’s custody case.

You would need some private information about your ex-spouse which could be helpful in proving that he is not a perfect parent or partner. Private detectives can elicit this information without any harm.


  1. Background check of your partner:


Selecting someone as your life partner is one of the biggest decisions in life. Knowing every single detail of the person you met over the matchmaking website or through some relative is very necessary.

As everyone knows cheating and fraud is increasing day by day. Thus, it can be dangerous not only for your emotions but also for your well-being. One can find incidents of fake people robbing the family or harming the girl in the name of marriage in newspapers. So, a regular background check of your future partner via private detective will ensure your safety.


  1. Identity theft check:


With the enhancement of technology, the numbers of cyber-crimes are also increasing. You should not ignore if you come across some fake profile on social media with your name and image. It is a serious crime known as Identity theft. The fake person can harm your social image, commit crimes with your name or give threats using your identity. You should hire a private detective who can find that fake person and help in taking legal actions against him/her.


  1. Investment scam check:

People now days are trying every fraud way to earn a large amount in a shorter duration. Investing money with reputed and trusted organisation can be beneficial for you but checking the background of the company or people whom you are trusting with your money is mandatory.

These frauds usually give such offers which attract people to invest with them and disappear after getting the money. The chances of getting them arrested are low after they fooled you. So, hiring a personal detective before making the investment will save you from any scam.


  1. Stalker’s information:


Do you feel stalked by someone? If yes, then you should not take it lightly. These stalkers can be very dangerous as you don’t know their intentions behind following you. It is possible that your enemies or someone who wants to harm you must have sent the stalker. A detective can find the real person and reason behind your stalking and can save you from a big problem.

Private detectives can solve many problems silently and save you from paying a big cost which can even be your life. Detective service in Delhi can be contacted online as well.


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