Types of Corporate Training You Must Consider for Your Employees


Every business entity in today’s world has this one goal of reaching the heights of success. Aiding this desire of a company is the tool of corporate training. It has become a necessity for every business entity to provide training to its employees. While many companies have already understood its crucialness and applied it in the workplace, there are still the ones unaware of its effectiveness in delivering miracles. All the major companies have imbibed the corporate training program in their work culture. It develops a person’s behaviour, the working capabilities, and makes them understand the working module.

Earlier employers used the traditional method of providing training to the employees, for instance- conducting seminars, scheduling classes, calling trainers for in-office classes and so much more. These methods had lots of disadvantages in them, they were time-bound, lacked flexibilities, and employees had to cover the syllabus in their rigid structure. But with the evolution of time, these traditional methods have been replaced by a more flexible and effective way of learning that is LMS corporate training program.


LMS stands for learning management system. This program delivers training through virtual trainers. It is a software which has the recording of all the skill-development classes that can be viewed by employees at any time of the day. It is a more flexible way of learning for all the employees. They are free to take classes as per their time availability with the ease of pausing or re-watching them.

This software is more cost-efficient than the traditional approach, the frequent need for calling trainers for skill development classes declines, which in turn saves plenty of cost for the company. The management becomes free from the stress of organizing seminars, they just have to update the courses on the LMS portal and every employee can access the same from there.

LMS corporate training helps the employer in developing the productivity of employees, it makes them skilled in multiple areas and arranges the availability of all the newly updated syllabus. It facilitates training in almost all the aspect of corporate learning. There are different types of corporate training that every business entity must consider for its employees-

  • Product/Functional Training

It is crucial for every company to make its employee well aware of the products or services it manufactures or sells. Once the employee has clearly understood the working process, it becomes easier for them to perform the same.

Through the help of a functional training program, employees are made aware of their roles and responsibilities. Every newly hired employee has little or no knowledge of the company’s services and with such extent of information, it is not possible to assign them any task or duties. The first step after hiring involves providing them the functional training.

In this induction programs are conducted for new employees, their first encounter with the projects and duties is done. It also teaches them all the elements of solving customer queries and delivering satisfaction to them.

  • Process Training

The real job starts right after the induction program when the employees have to actually undertake the jobs and duties. LMS corporate training is very useful in this context. It enriches the knowledge of every employee in terms of business process management.

The first element that it works on is business process management. This ensures that all the processes taking place in an organization are done in a rightful manner, any sort of negligence must be removed quickly. The management must be efficient in controlling unnecessary actions and implementing uniformity.

Secondly, it facilitates process improvement. The old methods of carrying out a process are replaced by quick and more productive methods. The skill development enhances idea generation in the employees, they can now do the same task in much lesser time with more accuracy.

Lastly, it establishes quality training programs, i.e., the employees actually get to know new things, new methods, new processes and so much more. The training delivers quality results and boosts employee growth.

  • Behavioural Training

The first day at the job is very intimidating for everyone, from meeting new colleagues to a different working aura, everything bothers. They are not aware of the policies and guidelines of the company and needs the guidance at each and every step.

The behavioural training program is made to overcome all these difficulties. The employees are taught everything about corporate communication, behaviour, and the limits as well. A well-behaved mind and nicely speaking mouth are appreciated everywhere, with this concept in mind every company provides soft-skills training to its employees.

An employee represents a company in front of the whole world, his/her behaviour is judged thoroughly, in such a manner the employee needs to behave extremely professionally. This professionalism can be developed through experience and training programs. It teaches them how to act as a part of the team and how to tackle individual responsibilities as well.

  • Leadership Development

The companies which are successful in maintaining low turnover rates have a productive and peaceful work culture. How a team is lead in a company affects the results in a wide manner. If the leadership is energetic and efficient the team will also be productive and bring success to the business.

No one is a born leader, they derive the art of leadership through experience and training programs. LMS corporate training does the job of mentoring for all the employees, it motivates them to perform the leadership and contribute their skills towards the company’s growth. The right training prepares great future leaders with the brightest vision and quick achievement of goals. A person does not know them self if they have the ability to be a great leader or not, but with the accurate amount of training they get to know all the goods and bad about their own personality and emerge as a great leader.

Make your company a team of highly proficient employees. Train them, keep them updated with all the modern-world inventions and they will bring wonders to the business. Employees are the most valuable asset of a company, an investment made in them will bring no loss but only lots of profit and praises.





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