Things to do in Rajasthan that needs to be on your Bucket List


Rajasthan is indeed one of the most beautiful Indian states. Its royalty has been acknowledged worldwide by organisations like UNESCO World Heritage Centre. The magnificent forts, glorious palaces and princely lifestyle of Rajasthan attract tourist from near and far lands of the world.

Not only the striking beauty and rich heritage, but Rajasthan also offers numerous amazing things to do. These activities attract the historic buffs, adventure enthusiasts and culture lovers alike. People buy Rajasthan tour packages from Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi and other states to experience these activities.

Before finalising your things to do list of Rajasthan tour, you must know about the top activities and experiences that Rajasthan holds for the tourists. Here is the list of super awesome things to do in Rajasthan:

  1. Zip Lining – Zip above the Hill Forts:

Instead of just savouring the inner views of beautiful hill forts, you can also zip line above them in Rajasthan! One of the top experiences of Rajasthan includes zip lining for sure.

Go zipping from one lofty cliff to the other and enjoy the aerial vistas of the historic forts, mountain ranges and dreamy palaces. You can try it in Neemrana Fort and Mehrangarh Fort for an unforgettable experience.

  1. Hot Air Ballooning – Explore the Skies of Rajasthan:

Visitors crave for viewing the entire heritage structures of Rajasthan from the skies. To satiate their desires, Rajasthan offers Hot air ballooning! It is one of the most blood- tingling activities in Rajasthan.

The sight of immense structures and mountains turning into tiny designs as you soar high in the sky is truly amazing! Hot air ballooning is available in three cities of Rajasthan viz. Jaipur, Pushkar and Ranthambore. So, pick your location and get ready to conquer the skies!

  1. Safari – Familiarize with the Wildlife of Rajasthan:

The wildlife of Rajasthan is as majestic as its culture and heritage. Rajasthan is home to some of the best wildlife and bird sanctuaries of India. You can go to places like Ranthambore National Park, Keoladeo National Park, Sariska Tiger Reserve, and Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary to watch the wildlife.

Be ready to spot ferocious animals like Tigers, boars, elephants, bears along with several bird species!

  1. Desert Camping – Experience the Thar Desert:

Spending a vibrant night in the golden sand deserts of Rajasthan should definitely be on your bucket list. Of course, you can’t miss the main element of Rajasthan – deserts! Sit under the starlit sky to admire the natural views and enjoy the folk performances along with the authentic Rajasthani meal.

Rest in the cosy tents after a fun filled evening. Desert camping is surely one of the top things to do in Rajasthan in winters.

  1. Choki Dhani – Feel the Essence of Rajasthan:

If you really want to feel the rustic charms of Rajasthan then, visiting Choki Dhani is the best option. This luxurious hotel and ethnic resort of Rajasthan don’t need any introduction. Tourists, travellers and foodies from every part of the world come here to experience the royal hospitality of Rajasthani folks.

Savour lip-smacking Rajasthani cuisine while watching the colourful puppet shows and dance performances or build a connection with local folks to know the city! One thing is sure that you will enjoy the time here.

  1. Trekking – Conquer the Mountains of Rajasthan:

Not many people know but, Rajasthan also has some beautiful hill stations to fulfil the wish of trekkers. Try trekking in Rajasthan in right season or windy days for an awesome experience. The treks aren’t too difficult and can be performed even by novice trekkers.

Verdant trails of Alwar and naturally embellished paths of Mount Abu are favourite ways for trekking in Rajasthan. Nature lovers also come here to spot beautiful birds and rare flowers. Interact with locals to know more about the region and exciting historical tales behind it.

  1. Camel Safari – Greet the Ship of Deserts:

Camel safari is one of the top things that strike our mind while thinking about Rajasthan. Camel is the most famous animal of Rajasthan; you must have read in your history books. Well, it’s time to actually greeting the Rajasthani Camels in the far-spread sand dunes!

The views of deserts become more enjoyable from the camel’s humped back. The best part is that it can walk on sand much better than you so; you could easily explore ruins and beautiful structures of these deserts through a camel ride. Go to Pushkar or Jaisalmer for best camel safari experience!

  1. Elephants at Dera Amer – A Unique Outing with Elephants:

Going on an outing with elephants sounds kind of weird. But, you will have different thoughts after trying it! Animal lovers won’t miss this opportunity, and you should also try even if you aren’t an ardent animal fan.

Indulge in all sorts of activities like feeding, bathing and distinct games with elephants. Let elephant trunks be your canvas for a day as you paint beautiful designs on them with organic colours. Who knows maybe you make a giant friend on your trip to Dera Amer!

  1. Kite Festival – Let your Kite Kiss the Skies:

You can witness the popular kite festival of Rajasthan if you visit the place during Makar Sankranti in January. The skies of Jodhpur turn into a kite habitat during these days. All you can see is myriad of kites along with bright lanterns.

Try your luck at kite flying with locals at Jodhpur on this auspicious occasion. And hey, watch for your kite otherwise some expert will cut it off! This kite festival has also gained international recognition so; don’t forget to post your selfie on social media with kites.

Are you also feeling too excited for your Rajasthan Tour? If yes, then make your bookings and embrace the fun! Rajasthan tour packages from Mumbai and other states are available online. Choose your favourite activities and plan the tour accordingly. Have a blasting tour!




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