The New Trend of 2019 Nail Designs for Women


    If you find a friend who has her nails painted with a particular theme, you will understand that currently having the color of our hands that matches the dresses or clothing that we wear is very important since it is currently as a complement but having the nails painted the color that goes to the range of our portfolio, shoes or the same color of the dress, that’s why I found in this compilation of different photos of fashion nail designers, who are dedicated specifically to leave us much more beautiful, these new trends where continues in many cases what is being done today but with touches of colors much more played and designs that you will want to look to get new ideas.

    As you can see there is no color that is the trend but we are going to be able to do what we like whenever it combines with our dresses or shirts that we are willing to wear as it can be the trousers or pollera that we choose that can be with prints of flowers that are used a lot nowadays and in the nails many of them are with flowers the designs for that reason in each photo we see the details that the designers make to their clients as well as if we have good ideas to realize ourselves where many times if we have a good pulse good ideas and motivation

    can be the best option to make our own designs thinking in our hands that each of the hands and nails are different since we have much thinner and delicate hands as well as some that overloading them would be something against ourlook.

    To start we have in 2019 a much more minimalist trend when it comes to fashion but we also have to think that much has to do with the age of women who make these types of designs since it is not the same to have adolescence animated characters as well as animals or hearts as well for a more adult age that we want a design more sober but that catches the attention as well can happen with tattoos that often does not have a meaning but we like it simply and we wish that this in our body.

    As we can see in one of the photos we found the combination of nails painted with a drawing and then a smooth which gives a quite original effect that is being used a lot lately and that throughout 2019 will be something that we see celebrities and celebrities, in In this case we can see that the selected pattern is a bun as well as the chosen color is still the one that predominates in our hands, which is red, red or purple in different tones according to the texture and pigmentation of our skin.

    Then the contrast with two colors as we can see in the pictures we find where the white and red in different halves of the nail is used a lot so I hope you can get the best ideas since creativity is one of the most important factors as well knowing how to prioritize the dimensions of each nail of the hand because each of the women have different some bigger and others smaller.The colors black and white are a classic that can not miss on the one hand we have combinations of a black and white nail as well in the same nail have a white base with very thin lines delineating black making abstract or geometric figures that we need for our hands.

    Never forget that the brand of the glazes that they use then influence the finished work since it will give us more precision when it comes to designing and making our drawings for the quality of the enamel brush that we use to make small lines which is what most difficult it can happen to us when having our nail design as an idea.

    Also the stickers to stick on the nails became very fashionable when we do not have much time to paint but I do not recommend it for its quality but everything depends on the cost that we have to make and the desire as patience.

    Other trends that are used are shines or metallic nails which are enamels with glitters that in 2015 began to appear but in 2016 will be a great trend to keep in mind and that we can not stop using since for Parties or evening events are very beautiful as they are with a black dress.



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