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Is it mandatory to learn a new language? Not necessarily, but it will become a good addition to your resume. And as per brain experts, learning a new language is one of the ways to keep your brain in good working condition. Unlike the good olden days, where you have to read books such as Rapidex to learn a new language, now there are apps to make you learn in good humor and jest. In this article, we give information on the best Hindi language learning apps.

Are you a resident of India but struggle to speak the National language? Then fear not, as in this article, we give information on the best language learning apps by which you can learn Hindi. Yes, it is better if you learn a language in a face-to-face session. If you are a working professional, it is difficult to attend a class. So it is better and safe to use these apps to learn a language of any type, even Hindi.

Information on Best Hindi Language Learning Apps

1. Drops

Drops is certainly a language learning app. But this application focuses more on the Hindi language used in conversations. Yes, you can learn the basic Hindi words, phrases and then extend your knowledge. And to make the lessons easy, you can also play games and learn. But yes, if you want to learn the language the fast way, then the premium version is available.

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2. Duolingo

As the name suggests, you can learn many languages via this app. Even Hindi language is included among the list. Every session is short, so you do not get bored. You get to learn via playing little session games. As per the quote found in the app, if you spend more than 34 hours playing the app, then the knowledge acquired is equal to a semester. But the platform is free.

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3. Google Translate

You can clearly count this app as one among the best Hindi language learning apps. It is also the most effective translation apps for learning the Hindi language. You can call it a godsend boon for travelers. The advantage – you type the words and the translation happens simultaneously. You also have the camera feature where signs and menus get translated. You cannot call it an effective learning app, but still, it is free. So why miss the chance?

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4. Hello Talk

One of the best Hindi language learning apps by which you get connected to other learners. You can both teach and learn languages. Prominent features of this app are audio messages, text messages, and video chats. You will not believe, there is an option for more than learning 100 languages via this app.

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5. Learn Hindi Free

As the name suggests, it is a simple app. You can find nearly 9000 Hindi words as well as phrases. The advantage – it has an audio pronunciation. To make the learning effective, you can participate in quizzes. A problem, you have the offline support.

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6. Simply Learn Hindi

It is, in fact, the most simple app to learn the Hindi language. Similar to Learn Hindi Free app, you can find more than 1000 words and sentences. They are neatly divided into categories. And yes, you can make use of the audio pronunciation tool to learn the language. You can easily learn the Hindi language by playing quizzes.

As the name suggests, this app contains words and phrases. The best Hindi experts upload audio lessons, various topics and quizzes to test the Hindi writing skills

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7. Learn Hindi (6000 words)

This app contains more than 6000 words which are easy to learn. You can also teach them to the kids. You have a feature called Spin where you get different topics. Depending on the interest, you can select the topics of your interest. The most important advantage of using this Hindi language learning app is that you do not need an internet connection.

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8. Learn Hindi Lite

Are you not conversant with the Hindi language? Then this app has a very simple style. If you do use this app, then there is no need to replace the beginner Hindi books. This app can get used by children of every age group, right from kindergarten to toddlers to nursery who are not familiar with the Hindi words and letters.

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9. Learn Hindi Vocabulary

How about having an app which can give you information on Hindi vocabulary? Download this app and you can start teaching to the needy persons. You can get the best interaction in this app. If you want to learn Hindi language, then it is mandatory that the concerned person should practice via this app. Some important features are spaced repetitions, listening only mode and flashcard dictionary. And the best advantage, you do not need an internet connection to learn on this app.

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10. Learn Hindi Letters

Do your children love memory games? Then your kids will love playing on this app. The Hindi lessons are taught in the name of fun. You can learn as well teach the letters to the kids with this application.

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11. RBhasha – One Of The Best Hindi Language Learning Apps

This app is mainly designed for children. You can teach them via the world of sounds and letters. The Vowels and consonants (Svar & Vyanjan) are introduced in a funny way. During learning, the children get motivated, as the games are fun. This app also has voice-over to learn the sound. And please note, it is available both in Hindi and English.

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12. Mondly: Learn Hindi Free – Conversation Course

This app is free in both iPad and Android. By using this app, you can learn the language quickly. If you are a teenager, you can memorize the core Hindi words and form sentences. By working on these Hindi lessons, you can improve the grammar and vocabulary with ease. And the app suits every individual needs right from the learner, business professional or traveler.

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So, there ends the article on the best Hindi language learning apps. Let us imagine the situation. You have gone to Mumbai and landed in an area where there are only Hindi speaking people. Now, you do not know the language. But you manage the day by using the Duolingo app. Suddenly, you face a small problem with another mobile which you use for calling the customers. So, you need to take it to the mobile repair center in Mumbai. You book for the doorstep repair service from your hotel room. The process you followed – you downloaded the app of the company which provides the best home appliance repair service in Mumbai. You gave the location and the time needed for service. But when the mobile repair technician called and asked in Hindi, you had already searched for the appropriate words in Hindi and guided him to your place. So, not only the Duolingo app but also all the other apps mentioned in the article can give the best service in a Hindi Speaking State.

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