How to Take Care of your Hair in summers?


Just like every year, summers are going to be back with a big bash! The long days of basking under the sun, flaunting your hot dresses and swimsuits, sipping chilled lemonade while enjoying the pool parties are going to return!

We know you love to do all of this in summers but, one thing which you maybe don’t like too much is summer hair care. Yes, nobody loves greasy, lustreless and lifeless hairs in summers.

Are you also thinking about how to get rid of them? How to conquer this endless battle of hair care this summer? If yes, then we got the right tips for you! Follow the given tips to make your hair shiny and luscious even in the scorching heat.

Cover up your Hairs:

A little bit of Sunshine can be good for your health but, the full heat of it in summers is very harmful. The sun emits harsh UVA and UVB rays that can not only damage your skin but, also your hairs. So, cover up your hairs with a scarf or hat whenever you head out in sunlight.

It will also help in retaining moisture of your scalp in the dry heating environment of summers. In addition to this, it saves your hair from tangling by making them stay at a place.

Prefer Loose and Comfortable Hairstyles:

Trying to tie your hairs in numerous ways is a speciality of girls. Yes, we know that you love to try out a new hairstyle in every party or outing. But, you should avoid too tight hairstyles like high ponytails, braids or tight buns in summers. These hairstyles can cause hair breakage and damage by pulling out the strands of hairs.


Trying them in the extreme heat when our hairs are already fragile would be a bad idea. So, you should go for loose and comfortable hairstyles instead. Choose open hairs, messy buns or loose ponies over other hairstyles.

Wash your Hairs Less:

Washing your hair too often can become harmful in summers. We know that everyone loves the idea of a cool shower daily to beat the heat in such weather. Still, you can go for regular showers by covering your hairs.

Your hairs will be stripped from natural oils due to frequent washing which will make your hairs even oilier due to more hair oil production. You can use some homemade or natural shampoo like corn starch to go longer without hair washing.

Avoid Heating Methods:

Your hairs are already dry and brittle in summers due to excessive heat of the climate. Using hair dryers and flat irons will do further damage. You should avoid such methods of hairstyling in summers which requires applying artificial heat.

Try to blow dry or press your hairs only on very rare occasions. Go for natural hairstyles or wash your hairs some hours before heading out of the home so that they can get enough time to dry up naturally.

Don’t jump in the Pool with Dry Hairs:

We usually get in the pool or ocean directly with our dry hairs. Well, you have to cut off that habit as it’s very bad for the health of your hairs. The chlorine in swimming pool or the salts present in the sea waters can strip off the hairs of their natural oils. It can even affect the hue of coloured hairs.

Our hairs tend to absorb more water when we go in such waters with dry hairs. These drying waters can damage our hairs right away. Hence, wet your hairs with fresh water or cover them with a layer of conditioner or oil to save them.

Go for Hair Conditioning:

Hair conditioning is essential in the summer season. It helps in de-frizzing the hairs. As we know, our hairs become very rough, dry and frizzy in summers. The conditioner plays an important role in giving back that smoothness and shine.

Apart from using a regular conditioner, you can also go for natural methods of hair conditioning. Try some coconut oil or Shea butter to smoothen up your hairs. The oil will help in retaining that natural shine of your hair which will ultimately make them look vivacious.

Eat a Healthy Diet:

Consume a healthy diet to strengthen your hairs naturally. Yes, our food habits also affect the growth and damage of the hairs. Try to take the right amount of vitamins via fruits and veggies. Add food products which are rich in vitamins specifically vitamin C, iron, zinc and omega 3 fatty acids. Even the skin doctors advise having a good diet during hair loss treatment. So, don’t avoid it.

Hot Oil Rinse Therapy:

Try a hot oil therapy this summer and see the magic! After shampooing your hairs, take any natural oil like coconut, avocado, almond or olive oil and heat it. Apply it to your hairs from the tips to the roots. Rinse it and condition your hairs as usual. This therapy will make your hairs naturally smooth and shiny!

Trim your Hairs regularly:

Summers are best for trimming hairs as our hairs have mostly split ends in this season. So, you should go for hair trimming more often in summers. Don’t think that it will decrease your hair length because split ends won’t let your hairs grow further. It’s necessary to get rid of them on a regular basis.

Don’t Brush your Hairs too often:

We know that you love to comb your hairs and try various hairstyles all day long but, you have to avoid combing too much in summers. The hairs become more fragile and prone to damage in the summer season. Thus, comb them only once in a day. Don’t be too harsh while untangling your hair locks. Use a wide tooth comb for accomplishing this task.

You should consult a good doctor for hair loss treatment if these tips didn’t work well for you. So, let your hairs shine and live more in this summers by taking care of them!




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