Difference Between Western And Eastern Lifestyle


    Asian countries or western countries both have their own traditional and individual lifestyles. Both have their own democracies and beliefs. They differ from each other because of the difference in seeing life from different perspectives. The countries that come under the radar of western lifestyle are New Zealand, Australia, North America, and Europe. The common religions that make up the western lifestyle are Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. On the other hand, all the countries that are in the Asian continent and the Middle East are considered as the Eastern countries. There are many religions but most common religions in Eastern countries are Islam, Taoism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism.Here in this article, we will discuss some differences between the lifestyle of Eastern and Western people.

    As you already know that East and West can never meet as they are poles apart so, their lifestyles can also never meet and can never be similar. The lifestyle of East and West is totally opposite from one another.

    Difference between cultural and social lifestyle

    • The people living according to the Eastern lifestyle are very conservative. For example, the people of Eastern lifestyle consider it a taboo to talk about marriages or sexeducation very openly. On the other hand, the Western people are very open-minded and they discuss these topics without any embarrassment.
    • When it comes to the decision of getting married, according to the Eastern lifestyle, people have to discuss with their elders and the elders have to make the ultimate decisions.The concept of arranged marriage is very common in Eastern lifestyle also. It has happened many times that kids are not even asked for their consent before marriage as only elders of the house arrange the marriage. While in the Western Lifestyle, people are freer and are given full right of choosing their own life partner as they believe in love before marriage.
    • In the Eastern lifestyle, kids have to take care of their parents when they become old and unable to take care of themselves but in Western lifestyle, the kids leave their parents’ house very early in the age and there is no one to take care of the old people. Older people are usually sent to the old houses or they live in their own houses with a pet to keep them company.
    • The elders of the house have the ultimate power of decision making in the Eastern lifestyle while according to a Western lifestyle, the kids are given full freedom for their thoughts and decisions.
    • In the 1900s, Eastern people used cars for their lifestyle but then they started using bicycles because they are pollution-free. There is no gas pollution because of bicycles. On the other hand, the Western people used bicycles in the 1900s but now there are most Having a car became a fashion there.
    • On the Eastern side, people work on a monthly Eastern people are given payments after a whole month while the Western people work on an hourly basis. They are paid for the hours that they work.
    • In the Eastern lifestyle, not many people keep pets at homes. Many people only keep animals for working or for a purpose but in the Western lifestyle, people keep pets at their homes. Western people are animal lovers.

    Difference between student lifestyle

    • The lifestyle of the Eastern student is filled with hard work and struggles. They are given tons of homework and are always expected to complete it. This is because Eastern people believe that nothing is difficult if you practice hard. On the other hand, the Western lifestyle of the students is more on the creative side. The schooling system pays attention to the students on an individual level also.
    • Whenever a tour goes, somewhere, of Eastern students, they try to enjoy the scenery and capture it in their minds while the Western people take lots of pictures so that they can capture the moment in photos. Eastern people also take pictures but they enjoy their time mostly by seeing with their own eyes and not with the eye of the camera like the Western students do.
    • According to the Eastern lifestyle, the students are expected to only study and all of their expenses are covered by their parents but in the Western lifestyle, the students and adults alike are working for themselves. The students are working part-time jobs to cover their extra expenses. Parents only fulfill the necessary expenses like education, food, house etc.


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